Stylist / Barber Registration


Stylist / Barber Registration

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Crown & Glory Hair Show Participants,

We are excited about bringing together the creatives in the community.  Not often in this industry do we collaborate, our goal is to change that.  Our first show went above and beyond our expectations. The guests left inspired, the stylist and models left fully accomplished and motivated.

We are super excited about this year's show being hosted at the A.J. Ferlazzo building in Woodbridge,VA. A much larger venue with a true theater! We have the entire show mapped out and all we need is you to help bring such a meaningful event to the community. You will have 3.5 minutes to showcase your skill in any way you choose. Some stylists had fully prepared models walk the runway, some incorporated dance and others chose to style on stage. Whatever you decide to do is up to you.  Just make sure the music is LIT!

This is a family-friendly show :) 

Once your registered you will be assigned someone from the production team for support and to answer all questions.

There will be private viewing of the previous show for all registrants and there will also be a full rehearsal on stage a week prior to the show!!


You won’t regret your participation!!