Tanishia is a Master Stylist that started styling at the age of 13 in Buffalo New York.  She is a Hair Extension Specialist that is certified in over 10 different extension and custom wig making techniques.  She has trained with some of the biggest and most influential names in the industry and continues to study and master her craft.  It is her goal to produce the most natural hair extensions and custom units in the area as well as world wide.  

Tanishia is also a certified Hair Replacment Technician that can perform non-surgical procedures for all types of hair loss. These procedures include installing hair and can be paid for by your insurance company depending on the cirumstance.

Granted her wide range of styling ablilities, Hair extensions and overall makeovers are her passion.  It is her pleasure to brighten your day and make you feel like the beautiful women that you are.  

Tanishia has directed her focused to teaching stylist and entrepreneurs how to be successful.

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